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What is Autodesk 123D?

The Autodesk 123D community is a place to design, create and share anything. No matter your technical skills and experience, you will always have a place to get the latest tools and information to support your adventures in 3D printing.

How do I get started?

You can start by looking through the existing models made by our other users to get inspired, then try it yourself by using the apps. Read the blog for the latest stories, videos, and tips. You are always ready to 3D print – we just help you get there! Register here to learn more.

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The Autodesk 123D community is growing every day, and now is the time to join. Get inspired by the thousands of 3D models and designs in our gallery, or do the inspiring by uploading your own files. In the spirit of 3D printing, share and learn with others to get where you want to be, faster.

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The world is yours to create, and we want to help you. Our 3D design apps will allow you to realize anything from your imagination, be it through capturing a sculpture at a museum with 123D Catch, or getting wired with Circuits. Whether you’re new or experienced, we’ll help get you where you want to be.

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3D printing services and more!

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Breathe life into your ideas. You may have already heard the buzz about 3D printing – using this technology, we help you take an idea from your head, create it virtually, and then hold it in the palm of your hands! Imagine the possibilities when you can create almost anything.

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