Wires schmires.

Electrify your circuit drawings with conductive pens from Circuit Scribe. It makes designing circuits as easy as doodling. With Circuit Scribe, who needs wires? Learn More


No shaking. No squeezing. No goop. No smell. No waiting for ink to dry.

Circuit Scribe’s Pens are filled with highly conductive silver ink and equipped with 1.0 mm-fine ball tips to produce wide, uniform, skip-free lines, to bring your circuit diagram sketches to life.

Draw circuits on paper with Circuit Scribe

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Draw circuits on paper with Circuit Scribe


Choose from four categories of Modules – Power, Input, Connect and Output – for your project.

Each Module comes equipped with magnetic feet to snap directly onto your circuit drawings (as long as you have something magnetic behind the drawing, like a sheet of steel, refrigerator door, magnet, etc).

How does Circuit Scribe work?

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Circuit Scribe is for all ages and skill sets, whether you’re a student, teacher, maker or hacker.

To help you get started with your Circuit Scribe creations, we’ve bundled our Pens, Modules and Accessories into Kits.

Circuit Scribe kits

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Circuit Scribe Developer kit

Circuit Scribe
Virtual Editor Edition.
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What if you can sketch a Circuit Scribe project right from your web browser, and even simulate your virtual creation?

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